Christmas is fast approaching, and I must admit I often struggle to get into the festive spirit. It is true that once we loose our belief in Santa Claus and we start buying the presents rather than just receiving them, that the day looses that magic we once clung to.

Now don’t assume that I am a Grinch, or an Ebeneezer tight with his pennies, I’m not (though my bank balance doesn’t appreciate that). But I find even now a gift I wasn’t expecting is often the one which gives me the most joy, hopefully I have bought them one in return or that situation becomes incredibly awkward. For me the magic of Christmas is still kept in that moment when you realise someone cares, who you didn’t suspect did. The gift itself then becomes irrelevant, but the gesture speaks louder than words or price tags ever could.

So this Christmas I want to give a gift, this isn’t a big gift, it isn’t worth a great deal in monetary value, but it is a piece of me which i offer to you. Simply reply to this post, telling me about your best gift (in box form) that you received at Christmas (or birthday), and the best reply will win a copy of my book, “A Living Ghost” 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hmmm. The best Christmas gift I ever received was Campaign Cartographer 2. Because of the cost, it was the only present I got that Christmas, but I didn’t care. That program for making fantasy maps led me to start my own little freelance company and then led me to become a publisher of rpg pdfs.

  2. The best Christmas gift I have ever received was from a total stranger. I was a single parent raising two children, and working three jobs to meet bills and have enough left for their presents. Christmas magic is important to children, so I worked very hard to make sure it happened at our house. One night while cocktail waitressing for a company Christmas party, I was asked in general about Christmas. I said I was looking forward to the kids’ faces when they saw they had gifts under the tree. I was asked if there would be anything there for me. No, I responded, but they would. When that gentleman got ready to leave the party that evening, he opened his wallet and his heart, and handed me a good bit of money, telling me to buy something for me and put it under the tree. He made me promise I would, and I did. I still have that watch.

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