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Today I wont be discussing anything author or writing related, I want to discuss something a little different… obsessions.

Do you have any?

Are they shows? People? Things you purchase? Food?

I don’t mean addictions, these are an entirely different kettle of fish, and i find obsessions are intense for a while then replaced by the next one.

I’m currently obsessed with many tv shows –

The Following, will Joe die? he can’t die? but he may have to (I’m in the UK, the USA people undoubtedly know what has happened, no spoilers!)

Game of Thrones, but who isn’t obsessed with that. I’m still happy that Geoffrey died every time I watch it.

Catfish, i always want the gorgeous girl to be big bulky men, sick sense of humour? Probably

The Blacklist, I haven’t seen any of Season 2 and I want to know what is happening but I cant join it part way through the series, it isn’t allowed.


Chicken fried rice has become a staple part of my diet. I go through phases of eating a food constantly until I am sick of it.

Music, now don’t judge me, but I’ve been listening to dance music. Several different house mixes. It is the summer vibes getting to me. I’m ready for cold beers and beach parties. or fan inside a stuffy office as is more likely.

Are you in the grips of an obsession?

Do tell