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Today I wont be discussing anything author or writing related, I want to discuss something a little different… obsessions.

Do you have any?

Are they shows? People? Things you purchase? Food?

I don’t mean addictions, these are an entirely different kettle of fish, and i find obsessions are intense for a while then replaced by the next one.

I’m currently obsessed with many tv shows –

The Following, will Joe die? he can’t die? but he may have to (I’m in the UK, the USA people undoubtedly know what has happened, no spoilers!)

Game of Thrones, but who isn’t obsessed with that. I’m still happy that Geoffrey died every time I watch it.

Catfish, i always want the gorgeous girl to be big bulky men, sick sense of humour? Probably

The Blacklist, I haven’t seen any of Season 2 and I want to know what is happening but I cant join it part way through the series, it isn’t allowed.


Chicken fried rice has become a staple part of my diet. I go through phases of eating a food constantly until I am sick of it.

Music, now don’t judge me, but I’ve been listening to dance music. Several different house mixes. It is the summer vibes getting to me. I’m ready for cold beers and beach parties. or fan inside a stuffy office as is more likely.

Are you in the grips of an obsession?

Do tell


Is anyone #reading this blog post an avid #horror #reader ? I would like some input, unofficial reviews, comments, on a couple of short stories. Would anyone be kind enough to help?

If you could reply on here via comments or message me on…




Many thanks

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Hello there everyone,

It has been a while hasn’t it. I took some time off from writing. Why? because my mind ran away. I wish I could say it went somewhere nice, but frankly it simply got caught up in that horrible world they call reality. I intend on avoiding that place for as long as possible in future.

Firstly I’m starting by reconnecting with the author and reader community. If you want to find me, these are the places to catch me:

Twiiter –

Tumblr –

Tsu –

Pinterest –

Secondly, I’ll be rewriting my old work. As with anything you have probable ever written, you find with time, you want to rewrite it. To improve it and let it become the best version it can be. So I am going back over my old pieces and bringing them up to scratch. Want to read some of them? Keep watching as I will be sharing them on here.

Thirdly, is it thirdly? Is it just third? Step three… Writing some new material. I’ll be flexing those creative muscles and scribbling down the words to some (hopefully) exciting new stories. That is assuming I can get past the simple grammar that it seems I’ve completely forgotten in my absence

Get in touch!

I am beginning this blog today.

Why have i started it?

Largely because I am aware this is a popular thing for authors to do, (I might as well follow the trend), as well as wanting to get involved with the blog tours which I have seen happening. Curiosity there for you.

But also because I enjoy meeting new people, in whatever form, and this seems a great way to go about meeting people and promoting myself and my work.


That all being said, what can you look forward to in my blog? well…

Words of wisdom from me (They don’t happen very often, but when they do I shall be sure to share!)

Extracts/excerpts from my work. I love opinions, so get sharing yours with me!

Pictures which inspire me. Inspiration is key to development.

Reviews of books I have read (old and new).

The odd author interview, I feel that these are interesting and it will mean you have more than just myself here

And finally, writing tips. I have picked up many in my years of writing and from working with writing development agencies, it is only fair therefore, that I give back, and pass these wisdom’s on to you.


Here are some of my personal links –


A. Kavalier