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Hello there everyone,

It has been a while hasn’t it. I took some time off from writing. Why? because my mind ran away. I wish I could say it went somewhere nice, but frankly it simply got caught up in that horrible world they call reality. I intend on avoiding that place for as long as possible in future.

Firstly I’m starting by reconnecting with the author and reader community. If you want to find me, these are the places to catch me:

Twiiter –

Tumblr –

Tsu –

Pinterest –

Secondly, I’ll be rewriting my old work. As with anything you have probable ever written, you find with time, you want to rewrite it. To improve it and let it become the best version it can be. So I am going back over my old pieces and bringing them up to scratch. Want to read some of them? Keep watching as I will be sharing them on here.

Thirdly, is it thirdly? Is it just third? Step three… Writing some new material. I’ll be flexing those creative muscles and scribbling down the words to some (hopefully) exciting new stories. That is assuming I can get past the simple grammar that it seems I’ve completely forgotten in my absence

Get in touch!


Christmas is fast approaching, and I must admit I often struggle to get into the festive spirit. It is true that once we loose our belief in Santa Claus and we start buying the presents rather than just receiving them, that the day looses that magic we once clung to.

Now don’t assume that I am a Grinch, or an Ebeneezer tight with his pennies, I’m not (though my bank balance doesn’t appreciate that). But I find even now a gift I wasn’t expecting is often the one which gives me the most joy, hopefully I have bought them one in return or that situation becomes incredibly awkward. For me the magic of Christmas is still kept in that moment when you realise someone cares, who you didn’t suspect did. The gift itself then becomes irrelevant, but the gesture speaks louder than words or price tags ever could.

So this Christmas I want to give a gift, this isn’t a big gift, it isn’t worth a great deal in monetary value, but it is a piece of me which i offer to you. Simply reply to this post, telling me about your best gift (in box form) that you received at Christmas (or birthday), and the best reply will win a copy of my book, “A Living Ghost” 

Merry Christmas!


I cannot believe that my book is being release tomorrow, it has come around far quicker than i expected. I am having a party in celebration, where everyone can answer ‘truth or dare’ style questions and try to win books.

There will of course be a chance to win my horror short, along with erotica books, and horror novels. something for everyone! I wanted it to be about having fun, and everyone is welcome. Come and get involved:



the story itself follows the life of a young boy, sentenced to death and who is then visited by the dungeon ghost. the series title is “Descent into Darkness Series” and is exactly what it says on the tin, we follow Jack (the protagonist) as he journeys to the other side and into his own darker self. 

but i’m not here to be dark, i’m here to get you in the party mood, so down a jager, get the music on and join my party. hope to see you there



Getting started with the basics:

You have completed your book, after a long hard slog of writing and now its time to promote. Now whether you are self publishing or going through a publisher, you should be promoting your book! 

A lot of publishers will promote for you and this is great, but never underestimate the power you have when it comes to your book. You wrote it, you love it, let that passion shine through to your potential readers.


If you havent already then do these now –


*Set up a facebook fan page, whether it is for you as an author, or for your books, you must have a platform to launch yourself from.

*Once you have your page, join groups and promote it. remember to advertise your book to those who read your genre, “like for like” events are great! But you also need to be reaching your target audience (people who will read your books). It would be pointless to be a horror writer and have a following filled with romance fans who don’t like/read horror. 


*Set up a twitter account. it is a huge social media with millions of people on there, do not miss out on this huge opportunity because you will shoot yourself in the foot

*Remember to use #hastags they help with trending and mean more people will see them #greatread #lovereading #horrorfans – you get the idea.

*the faster you learn, the more followers you will gain and the more of your target audience you will reach.


*Get a blog. although the ‘fad’ surrounding blogs is not as huge, the people who used them before for reading and finding things out, still use them. Again know your market. whether you use Tumblr, wordpress or google Blogger, say what your write and why they should be interested in what you have to say. 

*many blogs now use hashtags now, or tags, basically the same thing. they will go to the place where people looking for what you have wrote about can find you. MAKE SURE YOU USE THESE.


*Sign up and join another way to promote yourself and begin your next step in the promotion and marketing game.