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Here is a taste of something I published a while back. I will be releasing a follow up on soon…

Short story series. Meant, Descent Into Darkness Series.


The music blared as their bodies connected on the dance floor and he leaned in towards her, the spark was lit. That first untainted moment had been littered with a thousand perfect fairy tale clichés. The function room transformed into a dance floor, the whole place resembling a palace. Every square inch filled with people swaying and singing around them in delirious joy. The lights danced around them like fairies, throwing dust over them, inhaling the high, and casting the seeds of the spell.

That first kiss had started it all. In that moment, she had known that he would be hers. He was hers. Her soul told her as much.

That had been the start of Clarissa’s story. Today, however, was several months later, and blow after blow had struck her since then. That skilled prince had fallen so far from grace in her eyes, but a moment as perfect as their first kiss was life altering. The flawless memory would regularly creep back into Clarissa’s mind and bleed out its beauty, effecting all the other events with its power; overwhelming the bad, overwhelming her. So what he had a girlfriend? So what he had lied? Repeatedly. So what he could break her heart on a daily basis? They were meant to be, her soul told her.

Her body craved his, her mind linked with his, her very being ached for him. Something so strong couldn’t be a game. He was hers, even if he didn’t know it yet. She would wait.

Picking up the hair brush, she began pruning the blonde princess wig she had been wearing the night they had met. The corners of her mouth rose in glee. Dressed as a fairy tale princess; in the wig, tiara and pink dress,. She had been out for her friend’s hen party, playing games and giggling their way through the bottles of champagne. She was the ideal mixture of purity and promiscuity and he had fallen for her. Commenting on her misty eyes of blue and grey, she captured him and he returned the favour.

Andy would know they were meant to be eventually. Her mind began race with plots and games she would play to keep him, to make him realise, to claim him as her own.

Andy was beautiful in her eyes. Physically his features were what she expected of her prince. When he held her body, she felt safe, wrapped in the steroid induced manliness. When he looked into Clarissa’s eyes, she fell into the rivers they held, forcing her to dream of the distant lands they summoned within her. His hair fell effortlessly and was as dark as the black magic which had turned that love spell against them. Physically he was perfect, but his mind was tainted. He was arrogant, cruel, unwavering, expecting all women to fall at his feet and they often did. A man so self-assured was a far greater challenge than any of the men Clarissa had pursued in the past, but he was a prize worth enduring this longer struggle for. He was easy enough for her to keep an eye on; Andy had refused her, but the modern world made it easier to watch people from afar. A few clicks on a social network, or two, or three, and she could see his every movement.

“Thank god for the lax security settings,” she chuckled to herself.

He knew she was watching. She told him, concentrating her mental energies and unleashing them upon the universe, directing her thoughts to him and having faith that they would reach him. Hed responded with a smile, that perfect image in her mind, one that haunted her, but he was happy. In her mind this was his agreement.

He had said he would ignore her after the first time, but he hadn’t. Sending secret messages hidden from the world their romance had continued to bloom. He would come to her late in the night, or when he’d finished work, to see her. Not the other ones, her. It showed how much he cared. She was always his first choice, whether he knew it or not. Their love was growing more by the day. Every time he came, he stayed a little longer, lasted a little longer, and made her shake a little longer. Her plan was going exactly how she had wanted it to. It had been until her! The stupid little slut who kept ruining everything for Clarissa.

“Elena!” She stressed the name slowly with venom.

That stupid whore kept ruining Clarissa’s plans. She had forced Andy to move in with her, given him ultimatum after ultimatum, then she had made him promise to stop seeing all other women, including Clarissa.

“She knew about his affairs and she still stayed with him. Stupid witch,” Clarissa thought resentfully.

Then Elena had fallen pregnant. PREGNANT!  She’d done it on purpose. That whore knew she was losing Andy, so she’d gotten pregnant and trapped him, stolen him. How could she? How could Andy be so naive not to see what Elena had done to him? He wore the glistening poster boy smile of a happy father-to-be, but Clarissa knew it was fake. Andy didn’t want to be a dad, he didn’t want to be with that witch, but what could Clarissa do?


Meant is available now to buy. find out what Crazy Clarissa does decide to do

Is anyone #reading this blog post an avid #horror #reader ? I would like some input, unofficial reviews, comments, on a couple of short stories. Would anyone be kind enough to help?

If you could reply on here via comments or message me on…




Many thanks

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I am a horror writer, but I am also a Horror reader, and here are some of my picks which i think people should go and grab, whether they want inspiration or to loose themselves in another world, here are my suggestions for this holiday season…


Lindy Spencer – “Between the Devil and the Darkenss”

Go and check out this brilliant anthology by the talented Lindy Spencer, “Between the Devil and the Darkness” 
It is an anthology of short stories, psychological thrillers, which will mess with your mind and stir your soul.
The Amazon link to buy her collection is:

“Meant” by Alexander Kavalier 
Amazon –

5.0 out of 5 stars fantastic bit if writing 12 Sep 2013
By dee
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Had me gripped from the start a concoction of dark and light writing you fall right into the girls mind and get pulled into how she feels you dont want to like her or even understand her but how it is written you really do get pulled into her mind. A excellent short story and a must read.


“The N Days” by Author John Murray McKay

This book is about human strength and determination, our sheer will to survive against all odds. I can see this one day being a film, get ahead of the crowd and purchase your copy now!

When the world we all knew went wrong and the monsters of our deepest nightmares began to stalk the earth, there was a woman who chose to search out and find Sanctuary amidst the increasingly nightmarish landscape of America. 
These are the N Days. 
Welcome to the story of one Samantha Worthington Day. She is on the run from a demon horde that has torn through the fabled Dreamscape and destroyed everything she ever loved. She is looking for the fabled Sanctuary of America, a place where humanity can find hope, defend that which they believe in, and start rebuilding their shattered world. 
As an added attraction, you too can join Samantha on her perilous journey throughout her experiences by tracking her epic journey with the aid of the GPS coordinates provided within the text of her chronicles. 
She has a long way to go, and her amazing destiny is yet to be revealed. 
Called of Lightning, Called of Darkness, Called of Light! 
Journey and experience the Days of N with Samantha Worthington Day.


Alexander Kavalier – A Living Ghost 

 This holiday season is all about goodwill, peace on earth and loving each other, but what about justice? Revenge? 
Amazon –
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant short story 10 Nov 2013
By Mrs. G. Horsfall
Format:Kindle Edition
I was given a copy of this short story as a gift. As I don’t normally read ghost/horror stories I was a little apprehensive about reading.
However, once I started I could not put it down. This is more a story to tempt the imagination than scare; it’s a story of redemption and of good triumphing over evil. You feel Jacks terror at the start and the authors descriptions are so good the hairs on the back of my neck where stood on end, but you understand why Jack takes up the offer and becomes the baddie in the book. A baddie you just have to love.
I really enjoyed this short story and look forward to reading more from this new author; I think he may just have converted me to being a ‘horror’ reader.
Kevin Banker – L-21
5.0 out of 5 stars something different
i dont usually read zombie books, but i thought i would give this one a go after seeing it on facebook and an interesting few reviews on there. i wasnt disappointed with my purchase. it had a good plot, good character and stayed with me after i had read it. exactly what i wanted from a horror story.

The season of goodwill is on its way, and everyone is running around desperately trying to find the perfect gift. I thought I would help you all by suggesting some books which many people will love!

Do you know any poetry fans? Those who write poetry? Or those cultured few who still delve into this beautiful art form and broaden their mind? Then I suggest “More People Write Poetry Than Read It”, available now by download and in paper back

Amazon Paperback –

Amazonn Download –

Smashwords –

Barnes and Noble –


Or do you someone who loves horror? Scaring themselves with what might happen in a world of darkness and potential evils?

Then try the “Descent Into Darkness Series”. Thus far the collection includes 2 horror shorts, with more releases coming in the New Year.


“Meant” follows the tale of a young woman, trapped in her idea of love and the way her mental state impacts not only her life but that of her ‘enemies’. The story is available free through Titan Inkorp’s website –

But remains full price on other publishing sites

Amazon –

Smashwords –

Barnes and Noble –


“A Living Ghost” takes a look into Tudor dungeons and the tragic end of Jack. The story follows his journey into the afterlife and becoming a poltergeist. If you know any lovers of ghost stories, or those who enjoy tales of vengeance this is the ideal gift for them.

Amazon –

Smashwords –

Barnes and Nobel –


Merry Christmas to one and all! And I hope you enjoy your reading 😀



My current horror (WIP) is a zombie related story (by request) HOWEVER I have taken my own unique twist on the cultural concept and have created a world where the virus has been cured and we see Callum, our once zombie, in a therapist’s office working through his issues:

“He felt his mind drift back, to those moments when the virus had had a hold of him and countless people across the world. Theplague had attacked them and then caused them to attack other people. In mindless violence they had become cannibal’s intent on only meeting their one basic drive, eating. Callum could recall bits of his time whilst ill. None of the memories flowed consecutively, and it was more feelings and tastes he could remember, but that wasn’t a good thing. Callum could recall the addictive taste of human flesh. How he had desperately craved it, it wasn’t just that he needed it for sustenance, but that without it, the virus within him would turn on his own body and begin attacking itself. He would have eaten his own flesh until there was nothing left, the virus had seemed unstoppable.”



The date is chosen, whether this is through the publisher or self publishing this is a key time to promote your book!

You have your Facebook fan page? Your twitter account? Your amazing blog? I hope so, if not go back and read “getting started”.

This is a crucial time, where you will try and create a buzz about your book. I started putting bee’s everywhere (largely for my own amusement), but it got people interacting with me on my author page. 

in business when you market a product, lets say a chocolate bar, everyone loves chocolate bars! the problem with that is then there are thousands of brands of chocolate, all with promotion and sales, all wanting you to buy them. Sound familiar?

What is it then that the the chocolate companies do? 

first things first, they decide what their USP (unique selling point) is. What it is about their product that separates them from the rest? Think about it, galaxy always has the girl, seductively eating the creamy tasting chocolate piece, Cadbury always has something fun and quirky. They know their audience and they use the USP of their brand to aim at a target audience. Does everyone remember the Yorkie advert? “It’s not for girls” i wonder how many girls then bought it just to be stubborn? And how many guys bought it to be manly! 

But enough about chocolate for the moment, you get the point.

You need to look at other people in your writing genre, how they are marketing their books, what makes yours different to all theirs? Tell this to the reader. If you have wrote an erotica book (popular with the ladies currently) why is yours different? Is it just about the naughty? Is it a love story or just a passion story? Tell the world why it is unique and brilliant.

What do our chocolate bar friends then do once they have decided their USP? They tempt you, long before the chocolate bar (your book) has even hit the shelves.

How do they do this?

Firstly it is “The big reveal” an exciting advert which sticks in your head. what is the writers equivalent of this….?


Make this a big event, invite your friends, family, everyone on your fan page, twitter, blogs and all the groups you have made contact with (check you can post first). Invite everyone who is interested in your genre. Then get your friends involved, ask them to invite people, you will find that a lot of authors are happy to share these events with their friends too, who knows how many of their friends may be fans of your genre?

Do this around one month before the release date, you want people to be interested, but not forget about you before the release.

Then once the big reveal is done, what do our chocolate friends begin with? Adverts. now by this i DO NOT mean flood every Facebook group you can with the same thing. People get very bored of this (and yes i say this from both personal experience and discussions with readers and my target audience). It is ridiculous the amount of people who will post and post and post till their blue in the face often the exact same thing everywhere and turning people off rather then enticing them.

What does Titan then suggest you do? 

Look to another great example, music. Have you seen their adverts,  with different quotes from different listeners? I am guessing you had beta readers? Use their quotes!

Now you haven’t published so you don’t have a link at this point, only a picture. So a great thing to use now is E-POSTCARDS. Like a virtual flyer, they look brilliant and entice people to have a look, take notice of what is said and the information sticks in their mind. You can mock these up yourself, but as with all promotion material the professional ones always look better.

(mini plug, Titan do them – )

Now once you have your different E-POSTACRDS, again if they are different they will help to keep people interested.

Start promoting these in the groups, on twitter, on the blogs. show the world your amazing new book!

n.b. more people are online in the evening. post in between 3-7 groups per day, don’t overload people.

Remember when posting on your fan page and twitter, these people are following you, hopefully they are interested. ask them what they think if your promotional material. get them engaging with you. be friendly with them! they’re people after all, you might even become friends with them.

This is also a great time to approach other bloggers, hopefully you have used this group for networking and you know lots of new people! see if these bloggers would do a piece on you – an author interview, a guest hosting of you, etc. this way you reach their readers. if you are lucky enough to network with several bloggers, you should use some blogs for raising a buzz, and the others for when you are published and advertising the book links. 

The final week before publIshing is crunch time, do a countdown – your different E-POSTCARDS are brilliant here.

*Tell people the prices, remember there are many countries across the world, tell the USA people the dollars, the UK the pounds, the Europeans the euro cost. It is a personal touch that will make them happy. I say this from an English perspective, i pay more attention when people put the British price, because it applies to me then.

*Some people do chose to have another event, running the week before until the release day. it is good to help with keeping people engaged.

The day before, now by now you’re probably nervous, wondering whether people will like your book, why you even did this, if you have left the oven on… you’re panicking a little. But dont. Relax and breath. If you are having one of these human moments then turn to a friend, a fellow author, your publisher, your dog. Whoever, and remember that no one got anywhere in life by standing still. Time to jump in!

The release day… now the fun really starts. 


TEASER #1 from my event. come along and join me –
I whisper I love you through the vine
and what you hear aren’t words of mine
but those lost in echoed places
distorted by liars with hidden faces
I talk of truths like you should know
you slap me hard, telling where to go
I force hands in hope of gain
all you can offer is anger and pain
caught in webs of tangled links
a book of faces who connect on brinks
of existence and fake profiles
all hopes are lost to these false smiles.

My cover reveal is tomorrow



“Meant”, my first horror short in the “Descent into Darkness Series”, is free for a limited time only on the Titan bookstore, go and grab your copy now. i also like reviews if you’re an especially kind person


My 2nd horror short is now available to the public “A LIVING GHOST (DESCENT INTO DARKNESS SERIES)”

This horror short, again challenges you to wonder what would you do in this dark reality? As you descend into the darkness of Jack’s world you follow his journey from life, into the world after this one…

Do you believe in ghosts? In Poltergeists? In revenge…? Go and one click it now!

A Living Ghost links

Amazon USA –

Amazon UK –

Smashwords –

I cannot believe that my book is being release tomorrow, it has come around far quicker than i expected. I am having a party in celebration, where everyone can answer ‘truth or dare’ style questions and try to win books.

There will of course be a chance to win my horror short, along with erotica books, and horror novels. something for everyone! I wanted it to be about having fun, and everyone is welcome. Come and get involved:



the story itself follows the life of a young boy, sentenced to death and who is then visited by the dungeon ghost. the series title is “Descent into Darkness Series” and is exactly what it says on the tin, we follow Jack (the protagonist) as he journeys to the other side and into his own darker self. 

but i’m not here to be dark, i’m here to get you in the party mood, so down a jager, get the music on and join my party. hope to see you there