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Hello there everyone,

It has been a while hasn’t it. I took some time off from writing. Why? because my mind ran away. I wish I could say it went somewhere nice, but frankly it simply got caught up in that horrible world they call reality. I intend on avoiding that place for as long as possible in future.

Firstly I’m starting by reconnecting with the author and reader community. If you want to find me, these are the places to catch me:

Twiiter –

Tumblr –

Tsu –

Pinterest –

Secondly, I’ll be rewriting my old work. As with anything you have probable ever written, you find with time, you want to rewrite it. To improve it and let it become the best version it can be. So I am going back over my old pieces and bringing them up to scratch. Want to read some of them? Keep watching as I will be sharing them on here.

Thirdly, is it thirdly? Is it just third? Step three… Writing some new material. I’ll be flexing those creative muscles and scribbling down the words to some (hopefully) exciting new stories. That is assuming I can get past the simple grammar that it seems I’ve completely forgotten in my absence

Get in touch!




The date is chosen, whether this is through the publisher or self publishing this is a key time to promote your book!

You have your Facebook fan page? Your twitter account? Your amazing blog? I hope so, if not go back and read “getting started”.

This is a crucial time, where you will try and create a buzz about your book. I started putting bee’s everywhere (largely for my own amusement), but it got people interacting with me on my author page. 

in business when you market a product, lets say a chocolate bar, everyone loves chocolate bars! the problem with that is then there are thousands of brands of chocolate, all with promotion and sales, all wanting you to buy them. Sound familiar?

What is it then that the the chocolate companies do? 

first things first, they decide what their USP (unique selling point) is. What it is about their product that separates them from the rest? Think about it, galaxy always has the girl, seductively eating the creamy tasting chocolate piece, Cadbury always has something fun and quirky. They know their audience and they use the USP of their brand to aim at a target audience. Does everyone remember the Yorkie advert? “It’s not for girls” i wonder how many girls then bought it just to be stubborn? And how many guys bought it to be manly! 

But enough about chocolate for the moment, you get the point.

You need to look at other people in your writing genre, how they are marketing their books, what makes yours different to all theirs? Tell this to the reader. If you have wrote an erotica book (popular with the ladies currently) why is yours different? Is it just about the naughty? Is it a love story or just a passion story? Tell the world why it is unique and brilliant.

What do our chocolate bar friends then do once they have decided their USP? They tempt you, long before the chocolate bar (your book) has even hit the shelves.

How do they do this?

Firstly it is “The big reveal” an exciting advert which sticks in your head. what is the writers equivalent of this….?


Make this a big event, invite your friends, family, everyone on your fan page, twitter, blogs and all the groups you have made contact with (check you can post first). Invite everyone who is interested in your genre. Then get your friends involved, ask them to invite people, you will find that a lot of authors are happy to share these events with their friends too, who knows how many of their friends may be fans of your genre?

Do this around one month before the release date, you want people to be interested, but not forget about you before the release.

Then once the big reveal is done, what do our chocolate friends begin with? Adverts. now by this i DO NOT mean flood every Facebook group you can with the same thing. People get very bored of this (and yes i say this from both personal experience and discussions with readers and my target audience). It is ridiculous the amount of people who will post and post and post till their blue in the face often the exact same thing everywhere and turning people off rather then enticing them.

What does Titan then suggest you do? 

Look to another great example, music. Have you seen their adverts,  with different quotes from different listeners? I am guessing you had beta readers? Use their quotes!

Now you haven’t published so you don’t have a link at this point, only a picture. So a great thing to use now is E-POSTCARDS. Like a virtual flyer, they look brilliant and entice people to have a look, take notice of what is said and the information sticks in their mind. You can mock these up yourself, but as with all promotion material the professional ones always look better.

(mini plug, Titan do them – )

Now once you have your different E-POSTACRDS, again if they are different they will help to keep people interested.

Start promoting these in the groups, on twitter, on the blogs. show the world your amazing new book!

n.b. more people are online in the evening. post in between 3-7 groups per day, don’t overload people.

Remember when posting on your fan page and twitter, these people are following you, hopefully they are interested. ask them what they think if your promotional material. get them engaging with you. be friendly with them! they’re people after all, you might even become friends with them.

This is also a great time to approach other bloggers, hopefully you have used this group for networking and you know lots of new people! see if these bloggers would do a piece on you – an author interview, a guest hosting of you, etc. this way you reach their readers. if you are lucky enough to network with several bloggers, you should use some blogs for raising a buzz, and the others for when you are published and advertising the book links. 

The final week before publIshing is crunch time, do a countdown – your different E-POSTCARDS are brilliant here.

*Tell people the prices, remember there are many countries across the world, tell the USA people the dollars, the UK the pounds, the Europeans the euro cost. It is a personal touch that will make them happy. I say this from an English perspective, i pay more attention when people put the British price, because it applies to me then.

*Some people do chose to have another event, running the week before until the release day. it is good to help with keeping people engaged.

The day before, now by now you’re probably nervous, wondering whether people will like your book, why you even did this, if you have left the oven on… you’re panicking a little. But dont. Relax and breath. If you are having one of these human moments then turn to a friend, a fellow author, your publisher, your dog. Whoever, and remember that no one got anywhere in life by standing still. Time to jump in!

The release day… now the fun really starts.